Disability Law for Handicapped People    



Do you really know what Disability Discrimination is?

A disability is the result of an injury or handicap that makes it impossible for a disabled person to go through his or her day without assistance from either trained professionals or specialized appliances – usually both. Whether you were born with a handicap or if you received your disability from a work injury, the fact remains the same; it is much harder to get by without some form of care and assistance from others. Yet just getting through the day involves a lot more than completing simple tasks...Read More

The costs of disabled housing in the United States

Are you disabled? Do you live in the United States? Are you looking to find low income shared housing? Or are you lusting after that beachfront studio - and all you want a fair chance when competing against your able-bodied tenant rivals? Whether you are seeking shared housing in a two-story house or living alone in a chic downtown studio apartment, being disabled means that you will have to go the extra mile when it comes to defending your own rights as a renter or tenant, in virtually any city in the United States. It's not enough to simply find low income housing for the disabled - the battle against handicap discrimination involves other costs as well...Read More

The effects of disability discrimination

Disability affects a large portion of today’s population, and it is important to be aware of the many issues, including handicap discrimination, that disabled people face. One of the foremost current disability issues is discrimination. Also handicap discrimination, the difficulty faced by disabled people extends beyond the disability itself..Read More

Stopping discrimination towards physically disabled people

Disability discrimination can take many harmful forms. When it is directed towards physically handicapped people, however, it is especially harmful. That's because discrimination against the physically handicapped is surprisingly commonplace. After all, it’s so easy to just “do nothing” when it comes to making the world a more accessible place. In the meantime, people with physical handicaps are left with nothing...Read More