Disability Law for Handicapped People    

The Effects of Discrimination


Learn how discrimination negatively impacts disabled people

Disability affects a large portion of today’s population, and it is important to be aware of the many issues, including handicap discrimination, that physcially and mentally disabled people face. Indeed, one of the foremost current disability issues is discrimination towards physically handicapped people. Whether a short term or persistent problem, the effects of discrimination toward disabled people extends beyond the disability itself.

That’s because many people who have disabilities are often forced to face handicap discrimination in a variety of social settings, including the modern work environment and job market. While the effects of disability discrimination towards physically handicapped people can result in both psychological and physical harm, there are plenty of ways to fight back.

One important hurdle to cross is defining the specific type of descrimination you are experiencing, and then pitching the appropriate fight against the trangressor.

Yet while one of the most unacceptable forms of disability discrimination occurs in the search for work, there are also a variety of other forms of discrimination that the disabled face, including:

• housing eligibility

• access to public accommodations

• access to public transportation

• discrimination of those associated with the disabled

If your disability discrimination is housing related, then you will want to contact a lawyer who is experienced in this field. On the other hand, an employment lawyer is just the type of professional you need if you are being discriminated against in the workplace, because of your disability.

Indeed, while employment law deals with a wide variety of discrimination claims including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and the like, disability still takes up a major portion of the employment lawyer's workday.

When it comes time to seek a lawyer who will be able to effectively represent you in litigation - or even in the courtroom - the last two types of discrimination listed are a little more ambiguous. Still, you would be hard pressed not to find a lawyer willing to fight city hall (when the claim is about public transportation) or an attorney willing to protect the first ammendment rights of those who are discriminated against simply for associating with the disabled.