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Disability Insurance


Protect your career with Disability Insurance

Have you suffered from a stroke, a heart attack or a car accident? What about complications with your pregnancy? Chances are that while your health coverage is taking care of the bills, you aren’t spending too much time at work, and therefore you have a lot of income that’s just not coming in...Read More

Long term disability insurance

The search for a benefits package with long term disability insurance coverage is fundamental to any career oriented job applicant. Without this type of coverage, a worker is putting his or her financial status in crisis. Long term disability insurance is a system of coverage in which benefits are paid to workers who miss work for long periods of time (usually over 6 months or a year) because of an illness or injury that occurred off the job...Read More

Short term disability insurance

Are you a healthy social worker, government worker or private employee? Think you don’t need short term disability insurance? Think again. Securing short term disability insurance is more critical than you might think. Whether the short term disability plan is for social workers, government workers or the employees of corporations or small businesses, this type of health coverage is essential to staying out of financial ruin...Read More

Short term disability insurance for social workers


It is well known that social workers are the backbone to the lives of the underprivileged. One of their major areas of accomplishment is seeking and providing disability insurance benefits to those in need. But the little known problem is that social workers may need to be getting a lot more short term disability insurance coverage than most are currently receiving from their employers...Read More